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Marla Mallett:  Kimono

Special antique Japanese kimono and haori with hand-painted, embroidered, shibori, kasuri or yuzen-dyed decoration...

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Women's embroidered, painted, shibori, kasuri, and yuzen-dyed kimono either for wearing or display.  

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Elegant silk kimono jackets.  Easy to wear, these vary from formal to quite casual. 

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Elaborate Maru brocaded silk obis: to hang for display, or use as table runners.

MARLA MALLETT: TEXTILES  is now on a separate site

Please click here to go to my retirement sale site with textiles from all over:  There are Chinese, Central Asian, African and Ottoman Turkish textiles, as well as Turkish Tribal Kilims and Bags.  Come have a look.  


These pages all show my RETIREMENT SALE garments.  Some are priced at my cost or even below, as we need to clear out most everything...  

Because I couldn't crowd everything into a WIX format, I've divided my SALE inventory items between two sites:  kimono and haori here, and everything else on another site, just a click away. Some of you know that because of Microsoft technical software problems I could not remove sold items from my old site or even mark them "Sold." These two little sites should be better, but please check with me anyway to make sure the items you like are available.

It's good to be back!       Marla  

Yuzen dyeing, kasuri, shibori, and other unusual ways of creating specialized one-of-a-kind works of textile art are explained.  With wonderful hand-decorated garments available, no collector should settle for machine-printed fabric kimono--either to wear or display.

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What are the different types of kimono? And when are they worn?  Does the kind of decoration differ from one type to another?  What are the best methods of displaying kimono?

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